Another former US-licensed Mine Site goes to an ISA Applicant

In December of 2012, the Heritage Foundation issued a report recommending that the United States unilaterally enclose an area of the deep ocean floor once claimed by Ocean Management Inc. but later was released when the corporation was dissolved. Since there was no commercial interest in claiming a site, this would have required unilateral federal action to claim an area below the high seas exclusively for the United States government without plans to develop the resources and without the benefit of either the LOS Convention or existing US law. The recommendation has been made moot by the publication on March 24th, 2014, of the recommendation of the Legal and Technical Commission of the International Seabed Authority for the approval of an application that covers all of the available part of the original OMI site known in the US as USA-2. This is the second former US site to be claimed under the ISA: in 2012 the former USA-3 site, once registered and later abandoned by Ocean Mining Associates, was sought a Belgian company whose application was approved by the Authority.

A World Without Pragmatism: Unwrapping Opposition to the LOS Convention

A World Without Pragmatism:

Unwrapping Opposition to the LOS Convention

I spent  large part of the past couple weeks searching through articles published at or before the beginning of the third UN Conference on the Law of the Sea. One point that the reading made clear is that positions on the Convention were not split between liberal and conservative views, but rather a between pragmatic conservatism and libertarian ideology. That remains true today, though proponents and opponents of a libertarian viewpoint tend to paint the LOS opposition with the broader brush of conservatism.


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