Sea Bed Mining 2014: An Industry Summit in London

Mining IQ has organized an industry summit to address issues related to deep seabed mining. The event will include a day-long event on March 24th, followed by a two day series of panels, presentations and other events.

The conference will be held in London at the Kensington Close Hotel. The day-long "Legal Framework Focus Day" will be held on March 24th, 2014 and the Conference itself will be held on March 25-26.

Parties and Non-Parties to the LOS Convention

There are only 14 coastal states that have not yet joined the LOS Convention. In addition to the United States the list includes:

  • North Korea
  • Iran
  • Syria
  • Libya
  • Venezuela

Institute for the New Arctic Future

The Institute for the New Arctic Future was established in early 2013 to provide an institutional base for the study of issues related to the "Antimeridianal Arctic," the portion of the Arctic that along the 180 degree meridian that is bordered by the Canadian Territories, Alaska and the north-east of Russia. The area has history of east-west cooperation even during the Cold War. Now the shared interest n economic development, resource conservation and environmental protection is giving rise to new opportunities for cooperation and partnership.

Opening of new website

The new ROLCO website will be open for business on New Years Day!

After 7 years of using the Post-Nuke/Zikula content management system, is preparing to move to the Drupal system. The new system will permit display of a wider range of media files, manage the display of upcoming events, improve access to files of all types and to links to other sites. It will be relatively easy to adapt to changes in user needs and interests and the system of tags will improve the task of finding pages of an increasingly large knowledge base.


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