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Deposits of polymetallic nodules, crusts, and sulfides on the seabed beyond national jurisdiction comprise the largest mineral provinces on earth. Rich in nickel, copper, cobalt, manganese and rare earths, these deposits will be critical to the growth of developing countries and industrialized states alike.
As the sole body designated by the Law of the Sea Convention to manage these resources, the International Seabed Authority has worked for two decades to prepare to govern deep seabed mineral development. In July, the Authority will begin the negotiation of the rules and regulations that will govern exploitation of polymetallic nodules.
Beyond its importance in mineral development, the Authority is a new type of international organization: committed to the principles of sustainable development, governed by codified international law, informed by the best available science and committed to consensus decision making on matters of substance, the Authority may emerge as a new model for management of the international commons.

Caitlyn Antrim will prepare the Seabed Dispatches at the International Seabed Authority from July 11th to 22nd, 2016. Ms. Antrim brings to this task a career of experience as a US diplomat to the Third UN Conference on the Law of the Sea, an observer at the International Seabed Authority beginning with its opening session in 1994, a minerals policy analyst for the National Materials Advisory Board, Congressional Office of Technology Assessment and Secretary of Commerce, co-developer of the MIT Model of Deep Ocean Mining and a consultant to governments and organizations. Caitlyn earned the degree of Environmental Engineer, MIT’s highest degree of engineering practice, with her development of the first public open source model of deep ocean mining. She is Executive Director of the Rule of Law Committee for the Oceans and publisher of Ocean Law News.
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