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Parties and Non-Parties to the LOS Convention

There are only 14 coastal states left that have not joined the LOS Convention. In addition to the United States the list includes:

  • North Korea
  • Iran
  • Syria
  • Libya
  • Venezuela

North America:
  • United States of America - signed, not ratified

Central & South America

  • El Salvador - signed, not ratified
  • Columbia - signed, not ratified
  • Venezuela - not signed due to boundary
    dispute w/Columbia
  • Peru - not signed due to 200 mile
    Territorial Sea provision in constitution


  • Andorra - not signed, landlocked
  • San Marino - not signed, landlocked
  • Holy See - not signed, landlocked
  • Liechtenstein -signed, not ratified, landlocked
  • Turkey - not signed due to dispute over
    Aegean Sea claims with Greece
  • Afghanistan - signed, not ratified, landlocked
  • Iran - signed, not ratified
  • United Arab Emirates - signed, not ratified
  • Bhutan - signed, not ratified, landlocked
  • Cambodia - signed, not ratified:
  • North Korea - signed, not ratified

Former Soviet Republics:

  • Azerbaijan -not signed, landlocked
  • Kazakhstan -not signed, landlocked
  • Kyrgystan -not signed, landlocked
  • Tajikistan -not signed, landlocked
  • Turkmenistan -not signed, landlocked
  • Uzbekistan -not signed, landlocked
Middle East:
  • Syria - not signed
  • Israel - not signed


  • Libya - signed, not ratified
  • Central African Republic - signed,
    not ratified, landlocked
  • Rwanda - signed, not ratified, landlocked
  • Burundi - signed, not ratified, landlocked
  • Eritrea - not signed
  • Ethiopia - signed, not ratified, landlocked
  • South Sudan, not signed, landlocked

Note: Western Sahara is non-self-governing and
as such is not counted in the totals in this summary.

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