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In Depth: the Law of the Sea

The references on this page are for readers seeking more depth about the Law of the Sea Convention, the issues it covers and the interests of the United States in the Convention. This includes a selection of key articles published before, during and after the negotiation of the 1982 Convention on the Law of the Sea.

Bernard Oxman, "The Territorial Temptation: A Siren Song at Sea," American Journal of International Law, October, 2006, Vol. 100, pp. 830-85.

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National Security

VAdm. James Houck, USN JAGC (Ret), "Alone on a Wide Wide Sea: A National Security Rationale for Joining the Law of the Sea Convention," Penn State Journal of Law & International Affairs, Vol. 1, Issue 1, April 2012.

Scott Borgerson, National Security and the Law of the Sea, Council on Foreign Relations,

Continental Shelf
Three issue set on the negotiation history of Article 1 of the 1958 Convention on the Continental Shelf

Marine Environment
John Temple Swing, "What Future for the Oceans." Foreign Affairs, 2004

Elliot L.Richardson, "Prevention of Vessel Source Marine Pollution - An Attainable Goal," Oceans, Vol 13, nos 2 and 3 (March-April, 1980) pp 2-5 and (May-June, 1980) pp. 58-61.

Alan Seilen, , Foreign Affairs, 2013.

Deep Seabed Regime

Caitlyn Antrim, "Mineral Resources of Stateless Space: Lessons from the Deep Seabed," Journal of International Affairs, Vol. 59, No. 1, Fall/Winter, 2005.

Bernard Oxman, "The 1994 Agreement and the Convention, American Journal of International Law, Vol. 88, pp 687-696.

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