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Military Support for the LOS Convention

US approval of the Law of the Sea Convention has received strong and continuing support from senior officers who have reviewed the 1982 Law of the Sea Convention and the 1994 Agreement on Implementation since President Reagan's criteria for a Convention he would sign were met by the 1994 Agreement. This support reflects both the recommendations of active duty officers serving as America's senior commanders and their retired predecessors who have continue to voice their support after leaving active service. Their positions were taken and recommendations were made after long and careful analysis of American military interests, now and in the future, were considered with the US as a party and with the US as a non-party to the Convention.

Joint Chiefs of Staff Support:
2004, Letter of Support General Richard Myers USAF,
JCS Chair Adm. Mike Mullen, Q&A with JCS Chair Admiral Mike Mullen at the Heritage Foundation, April 15, 2008

Chiefs of Naval Operations
Adm. Gary Roughead
Adm. Mike Mullen
Adm. Vern Clark
Adm. Jay Johnson

Combatant Commanders

Pacific Command

Northern Command

European Command

Commandants of the United States Coast Guard
Adm. Papp, USCG (20XX-Present)
Adm. Vern Clark
Adm. Thomas H. Collins USCG (Ret), Adm. James M. Loy, USCG (Ret), Adm. Robert E. Kramek, USCG (Ret), Adm. Paul Yost, USCG (Ret) Letter to the Chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, August 15, 2007

Lt. Gen.John Castellaw's endorsement of the LOS Convention in Starts and Stripes, July 5, 2012

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